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Accounting Concepts for Non-Financial Managers

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Madrid 2019-05-25

Accounting Concepts for Non-Financial Managers


This program is designed with the latest techniques and tools to developing a strong foundation of financial information for non-financial managers. Our talented coaches focused on guiding the delegates to acquire effective financial related information that they can incorporate while decision-making and strategize for the commercial development.

Attendants of the Accounting Concepts for Non-Financial Managers are successfully managing their career and are rewarded with higher positions and award for excellent all-round performance.

By completing the course the participants will be able to:

  • Develop a clear concept on understanding balance sheets, income sheets, etc
  • Assess the company’s fiscal performance
  • Understand the economic transactions and financial statements
  • Taking financial decisions by understanding the finance source, capital and costs
  • Evaluating the corporate investing and taking effective financial decisions
  • Understand the tools and techniques used by the pro in taking effective decision-making process
  • Anticipate the financial forecasting and managing risk
  • Forecasting revenue and the growth plan
  • Business valuation process
  • Win better business opportunities and rewarded for outstanding all-rounder performance

Who should attend?

The program is designed to train the non-financial managers from sales, manufacturing, marketing and operations to develop a fundamental concept on utilizing finance and financial information to support effective decision-making.

Marketing Manager, Plant Manager, Engineering Manager, Director of Purchasing, IT Manager, Manufacturing Director, Project Manager, Vice President of Operations, Director of HR, Regional Sales Manager from both private and public sectors can attend the course to boost their financial concepts of developing a better business scenario.

Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
Dubai 2019-03-16 5 days More Info
Dubai 2019-03-30 5 days More Info
Prague 2019-04-27 5 days More Info
London 2019-05-11 5 days More Info
Madrid 2019-05-25 5 days More Info
Munich 2019-06-08 5 days More Info
Madrid 2019-06-22 5 days More Info
Munich 2019-07-06 5 days More Info
Madrid 2019-08-03 5 days More Info
London 2019-08-17 5 days More Info
Dubai 2019-08-31 5 days More Info
Madrid 2019-09-14 5 days More Info
Prague 2019-09-28 5 days More Info

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