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Advanced Customer Care

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Frankfurt 11-03-2019

Advanced Customer Care


In this course, participants will learn how improve customer services by employing effective techniques and strategies. The course contains many examples and scenarios on how to interact with customers and provides guidelines on how to address difficult situations. Delegates learn the skills by going through a number of exercises designed to cover a range of common themes found when providing customer care.

Any organisation that wants to become successful and remain successful must care for its customers. Satisfying customers’ needs is an important objective of any organisation irrespective of whether it is for-profit or non-profit. To do that, a company needs to create customer loyalty where customers can rely on the brand which will satisfy their needs. To create loyal customers, you need strong customer care which is what this course is about.

In this course, it is assumed that delegates already have some experience with customer services and are now looking to expand their knowledge and skillset. Having served customers, they may also have a number of specific situations in mind that they would like to get advice on. Customer service is an art and much of it relies on good communication skills and emotional intelligence. To remain skilled it is important to review past experiences systematically and learn from them so when a CSR finds himself in a similar situation again, he would know what to do. This knowledge also adds to their confidence which in turn helps them to provide a better service and thereby standing out from the competition.

When companies become mature in a given industry, there is not a huge difference between their products. A customer can buy a service or product from any of these competitors as they would all have a similar established feature-set. This is when customer service becomes the greatest differentiator between these companies. This is why it is extremely important to allocate resources and training to it as part of a strategy to keep a company competitive.

This course is full of examples and case studies. Delegates are frequently introduced to poor examples of customer service and then learn how to improve them. Teaching by example helps delegates to understand and remember the lessons. It also helps you as the trainer to initiate discussions and get delegates to share their own specific experiences so you can address them directly for the benefit of all delegates.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for those who already have experience in customer services.

Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
Frankfurt 11-03-2019 1 More Info
Stockholm 08-04-2019 1 More Info
Istanbul 06-05-2019 1 More Info
Prague 03-06-2019 1 More Info
London 01-07-2019 1 More Info
Prague 29-07-2019 1 More Info
Prague 26-08-2019 1 More Info
Frankfurt 23-09-2019 1 More Info
Stockholm 21-10-2019 1 More Info
London 18-11-2019 1 More Info
London 16-12-2019 1 More Info
Dubai 13-01-2020 1 More Info
London 10-02-2020 1 More Info
Madrid 09-03-2020 1 More Info
Stockholm 06-04-2020 1 More Info
Istanbul 04-05-2020 1 More Info
Stockholm 01-06-2020 1 More Info
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