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Advanced Emotional Intelligence: Interpersonal Skills

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Istanbul 26-08-2019

Advanced Emotional Intelligence: Interpersonal Skills


This course follows on from Emotional Intelligence focusing on interpersonal skills and competencies in areas of social awareness, rapport building, empathy, understanding others, influencing, acting and so on.  Due to the nature of social intelligence, the course relies heavily on participatory exercises that encourage delegates to explore various techniques when communicating with others. Whether delegates are from the same organisation, or have never met each other before, they can all benefit from this course.

Imagine a strong personality with powerful sense of presence that everyone seems to look up to. Would it not be wonderful to be this person? Knowing what to do and how to communicate with others in social settings is a skill we all need to master as we go through life. Some of us seem to be a lot better at this, which is perhaps to do with our upbringing or specific life experience in discovering the value of emotional intelligence. Fortunately, knowing how to efficiently navigate the social scene is a learnable skill and we can all become better at it by practicing and reflecting on our behaviour.

This course follows on from Emotional Intelligence course and allows delegates to focus more specifically on interpersonal skills. Delegates explore topics that fall under two main areas; social awareness and social facility. Within these areas, a range of EI competencies are explored such as empathy, attention, rapport building, understanding others, influence, acting and so on. You can use this course in combination with EI: Personal Skills to cover all of the competencies within EI.

The course is designed around a series of exercises that help delegates to practice communication skills by focusing on specific EI competencies. Through these exercises, delegates can explore various methods to deal with everyday social situations and discover what methods work best for them. Various examples such as business meetings, interaction with colleagues, managers or even friends are explored throughout the course.

Comprehensive guidelines are provided on how to run the exercises as well as suitable key points to discuss with delegates to raise awareness about specific areas. The workbook provides content for delegates to keep as reference for future so they can repeatedly go back to it to master the competencies.

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