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Advanced Emotional Intelligence: Personal Skills

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London 18-11-2019

Advanced Emotional Intelligence: Personal Skills


This course follows on from Emotional Intelligence focusing on personal skills and competencies such as self-awareness, self-motivation and self-management. Delegates go through case studies and example conversations and become aware of many behavioural traits which help them understand themselves and others better.

Today, it is well established that mastering Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays a significant role in an individual’s life. A critical number of competencies within EI relate to personal skills which is the subject of this course. Self-awareness and self-analysis can significantly help us to understand why we do what we do and what we can change in ourselves to get more energy, respond better to others and efficiently interact with them and understand them.

This course follows on from Emotional Intelligence course and allows delegates to focus more specifically on personal skills using a variety of examples, case studies, example conversations and techniques to master each EI competency. Delegates explore topics such as self-esteem, behaviour cycle, positive versus negative thinking, handling fear, motivation, power phrases and so on. You can use this course in combination with EI: Interpersonal Skills to cover all competencies within EI.

The course contains numerous exercises that are designed to raise delegate’s awareness and help them think about critical behaviours. The aim is to change the point of view of those who might have habitually used certain behaviours without realising the full effect of them when used on others. Awareness raising discussions and interactive exercises help delegates to significantly change their behaviour using simple yet powerful techniques.

The course also contains content on how to handle other people’s reaction to your growth. Family, friends and colleagues can be resistive to your positive change. The ability to handle their reaction well and help them to grow with you is an important skill which will enable you to become more emotionally intelligent.

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