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Advanced Team Building

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Istanbul 01-07-2019

Advanced Team Building


This course follows from Team Building and helps leaders improve their team management techniques. It is ideal for people who have already been leading a team and want to make sure their team remains productive while it matures. Topics such as groupthink, balanced management, conflict management and mediation technique are explored. 

Suppose you have been in charge of a team and have been leading them for a while. You have followed management guidelines and tried hard to bring people together to improve communications and truly illustrate the importance of cooperative teamwork.

As a result, the team became better, took on bigger projects and delivered successful results, either in the form of services or generating new products.

However, after a while, you may start to notice that the team is beginning to get ahead of itself. Due to their past success, they start to feel invincible. Their success means they stop listening or observing what is happening around them. They ignore the obvious signals that the market is changing. They are so eager to agree with each other on all accounts that they become afraid of raising their concerns even when they can clearly see a given decision will be disastrous.

The team therefor becomes the victim of its own success. There is only one way to avoid this sad eventuality; a team must be monitored and managed continuously as it matures and as team members’ behaviour change based on the team’s history, achievements and failures.

This course follows from the Team Building course and covers a series of insights on what happens when a group of people interact with other over an extended amount of time and their relationship matures. Ultimately the responsibility to maintain the health of a team rests with the team leader. This course is ideal for teams who already have some experience in leading their team and want to make sure their continuous leadership remains relevant. The course helps avoid falling victim to unwanted management biases, become aware of known paradoxical effects, handle mismanaged conflicts, manage agreement and so on. 

A variety of techniques and tools such as how to resolve conflicts, mediate or carrying out an impact analysis are also explored.

The course contains many examples, case studies, conversations and anecdotes. Interactive exercises are designed explicitly to help delegates practice the skills and tools during the course.

In addition, several traditional team building exercises are also bundled with this package which a team leader can use to run team building events for their teams.

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