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Advanced Time Management

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Prague 18-03-2019

Advanced Time Management


In this course, delegates learn about a series of advanced techniques on two fundamental areas; attitude adjustment and environmental engineering. The first helps them use mental short cuts that save time and get them closer to their goals. The second enables them to automate their life and use technological tools to facilitate the process of managing tasks efficiently without having to worry about the system.

Do you suffer from having to deal with too many e-mails? Do you follow a task management system, but still get overwhelmed by all the tasks that need doing? Do you suffer from information overload? Do you constantly feel like you want to check your social media site right in the middle of work? Do you attend too many time-wasting meetings and wish you could somehow avoid them?

The secret to keeping an effective time management system is to constantly review it and make sure you don’t gradually fall back to bad habits. This course provides a series of advanced guidelines for those who want to push the boundaries and stay on top of their workloads. It follows from Intermediate Time Management assuming that delegates already have a system of time management in place and are familiar with fundamental productivity techniques. Usually, anyone who is in need of an advanced course on productivity is likely to be a knowledge worker. The course specifically caters for their needs providing numerous examples, case studies and ways to take advantage of what technology can offer.

This course is designed to encourage discussions among delegates so not only they can benefit from the guidelines provided but also from each other. Many people develop tricks or come across useful time saving tips. The course is carefully designed to maximise this interaction so delegates can constantly learn new materials during the course.

The course focuses on two aspects of productivity; attitude adjustment and environmental engineering. Correct attitude helps an individual filter through tasks and focus on what matters the most. Environmental engineering helps individuals free their mind from tracking mundane tasks and instead focus on critical activities. This allows users to constantly focus on goals and push forward through the clutter encountered in day-to-day life.

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Prague 18-03-2019 1 More Info
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