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Body Language Part 2

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Madrid 18-03-2019

Body Language Part 2


This course follows on from Body Language Part 1. This course has been designed with the same style going through a number of gestures cards explaining various body language signals. It focuses on power, politics, intimidation, handling difficult people, meeting in groups, presentations, public speaking and similar topics.

This course continues on the same format as Body Language Part 1. It covers more advanced collection of gestures and signals used in personal or professional life while interacting with others. As before, the course has a large number of gesture cards that describe each behaviour.  Slides and workbooks contain various detailed explanations on these gestures, where they are used, what they mean and how to counteract them when necessary.

The modular nature of the course allows you to use the content easily in your own courses. The images and illustrations are designed with a uniform and consistent artistic style which can help you to polish your content and get the message across quickly and efficiently.

This course particularly focuses on handling power gestures especially those used by some people when intimidating others. These gestures may work on you unconsciously, which this course helps you to identify and learn how to counteract them. In addition, the course covers body language used when you are with a group of people and explains about power play, show of status and show of interest all delivered using only body language. The course also contains important advice on posture, hand gestures, the art of public speaking and presentation. 

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Venue Date Duration  
Madrid 18-03-2019 1 More Info
Istanbul 15-04-2019 1 More Info
Stockholm 13-05-2019 1 More Info
Dubai 10-06-2019 1 More Info
Stockholm 08-07-2019 1 More Info
Istanbul 05-08-2019 1 More Info
London 02-09-2019 1 More Info
Dubai 30-09-2019 1 More Info
Frankfurt 28-10-2019 1 More Info
Prague 25-11-2019 1 More Info
Madrid 23-12-2019 1 More Info

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