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Istanbul 11-03-2019



In this course, participants learn how to run a brainstorming session. It covers many proven guidelines on how to manage a diverse group of people and unleash their creativity. The course is designed to be exercise-driven and contains numerous opportunities to practice running a simulated brainstorming session.

Have you ever arranged for a team to attend a problem solving meeting or to come up with new ideas? What did you think of these sessions? Did it prove to be a waste of time? Were people frustrated that they could not express themselves? Did some people dominate the meeting with their ideas and personalities? Did you feel that the group had the potential to achieve a lot more, yet the meeting was highly unproductive because it had no structure? Ever wondered what you could do to systematically improve such meetings? This course aims to address that. It is applicable to all businesses and is ideal for anyone who wants to run a successful brainstorming session and get results.

The future belongs to the creative mind and those teams that can master the skill of creativity and come up with more interesting ideas in a given time are bound to be more successful than others. Fortunately, team creativity is a process. The right brainstorming techniques can significantly help to boost a team’s creative output.

Delegates will learn about best practice guidelines on running brainstorming events and how to go through the main six stages. They will learn about facilitation skills, idea generation and evaluation, prioritisation and decision making. Delegates will also learn about handling challenges and issues that are commonly observed when a diverse group of people want to work together to solve problems or come up with new ideas. The nature of creativity is explored in this course and it also includes details on specific tools used by the creative industry to help with brainstorming.

This package contains more than 20 brainstorming techniques provided as separate handouts. Delegates get to go through these techniques in simulated exercises to learn how to conduct them.

The main focus of this course is on brainstorming though ideally you should also consider the companion course Facilitation Skills to train delegates further on this skill.

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Istanbul 11-03-2019 1 More Info
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