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Decision Making

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London 11-03-2019

Decision Making


This course contains a variety of useful and practical techniques and tools that delegates can use to master the art of decision making. It covers topics such as choosing options, analysing implications of taking these options and deciding in groups. In addition, delegates are also introduced to fundamental decision making principles and associated philosophical implications of these principles which further prepares them to use the tools discussed in the course correctly.

We make decisions every day. These decisions come to define our life and some of them may have a profound effect on the journey we take. However, making decisions is not an easy task and sometimes you may find yourself pondering on alternative courses of actions for hours, days or even months.

The recent increase in the complexity of our lives, both personal and professional, has made decision making even more critical and time consuming. Fortunately, we have also progressed significantly on decision making tools and now have a comprehensive toolbox, established philosophies and guidelines to use which can make decision making process easier than ever before.

This course teaches a series of proven techniques that simply help you to decide. Broadly the course can be divided into three sections:

  1. What actions can you take and how to choose the best one?
  2. Is the action you are about to take going to improve the situation?
  3. How to make optimal decisions as a group?

For each part, a series of techniques are provided, each suitable for a different problem. Each technique is described briefly and is then followed by an example fully describing the technique. Research shows, that delegates always learn better with an example and this course takes full advantage of this fact. Next, after each example, delegates participate in an exercise to learn that specific technique with a hands-on experience which helps them to understand and remember the technique even better.

A series of important philosophical principles are also presented in this course. These concepts help to raise the awareness of delegates on the impact of their decisions on others, how personal benefit may not always be to their best interest and so on.

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