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Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Managers

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London 06-07-2019

Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Managers



The program helps in tuning into the emotional intelligence required for leadership. The course so far has helped many leaders to develop the emotional competence for managing and leading their teams across the corporate industries and governmental organizations. Our trainers aim to develop the skill of improving meaningful business relations effective for the commercial enhancement. The course also helps to focus on the behavioral performance at workplace and in building team relationship by balancing emotions.

By completing the course the participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the dramatic impact caused by leading through emotions
  • Understand the significance of EI (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Drive to motivate teams for high performance
  • Gather clear knowledge on what drives human behavior
  • Aware of all the EI skills required and incorporated for effective leadership
  • Know different leadership styles and understand which style is effective in particular situation
  • One-on-one communication for conflict management and for constructive feedback
  • Self-motivated in the midst of negative responses
  • Leverage leadership qualities that promote trust, confidence and commitment for excellent outcome
  • Develop motivational leadership philosophy
  • Expect rewards/promotions shortly by incorporating EI in their leadership.

Course Contents

Module I—Introduction

  • What is Emotional Intelligence
  • Objectives of EI
  • Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Business
  • How EI helps in improving Business Relations
  • Practice
  • Feedback Session

Module II—Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

  • Relation between Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
    • Primary focus of a leader
    • Enhance communication with teams
    • How to motivate teams for high performance with EI
    • Dramatic effect on Business with EI
    • Leadership Styles and EI
  • Practice
  • Assessment
  • Feedback Session

Module III—Competencies of Emotional Intelligence

  • 5 Competencies of EI
    • Self-Motivation Self-Regulation Self-Awareness Effective Relationships Empathy
  • Discussion
  • Assessment
  • Feedback Session

Module IV

  • Practice Action Plan
  • Outcome of the Action Plan
  • Movie
  • Final Assessment and Feedback


Who should attend?

The program is ideal for senior leadership teams, individual proprietors, emerging leaders, front-line and mid-level managers, new employees in managerial ranks in both private and governmental organizations.

Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
Dubai 02-03-2019 5 days More Info
London 16-03-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 30-03-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 13-04-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 27-04-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 11-05-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 25-05-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 08-06-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 22-06-2019 5 days More Info
London 06-07-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 20-07-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 03-08-2019 5 days More Info
Madrid 17-08-2019 5 days More Info
Istanbul 31-08-2019 5 days More Info
Istanbul 14-09-2019 5 days More Info
Stockholm 28-09-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 12-10-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 26-10-2019 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 09-11-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 23-11-2019 5 days More Info

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