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Fast Track to Successful People Management and Team Leadership

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Munich 20-08-2019

Fast Track to Successful People Management and Team Leadership



This course is specially equipped with all the tools and techniques to help out the new managers to cope up with the fast pace of management through excellent leadership. The program is designed by experts from the experiences they have acquired in their professional fields. Our trainers are all set to motivate the new managers, supervisors and team leaders looking forward to scaling their leadership talents per the growing pace of the modern day business world.

By completing the course the participants will be able to:

  • Balance between the role as a manager and a leader
  • Be an excellent motivator for the team and boost them to meet the objectives
  • Setup realistic and clear objectives and improve the performance of teams’
  • Practical decision-making and strategize considering the crises or any difficult situation
  • Learn to deal with the appalling behavior by providing effective decision and feedback
  • Enhance communication skills to leave a long-lasting impact on team members and senior management.

Course Contents

Module I—Introduction & Basic of People Management

  • Introduction to People Management
  • Liabilities of Leadership
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Successful Leaders
  • Characteristics of a good leader
  • Factors to be an excellent people’s manager
  • Things to consider to be a manager
  • Be a Team Leader then a Manager
  • Quickly Improve the Skills to persuade teams
  • How to take quick decision
  • Factors behind strategizing a crises situation

Module II—Managing the Fast-Track Change

  • How to understand the Nature of Change
  • Case Studies depicting the implementation of change
  • People’s/team’s acceptance of fulfilling change

Module II—Communication Development

  • Improving interpersonal communication
  • Developing professional relationships via persuasive communication
  • Confidently face meetings
  • Scaling the convincing ability to clients and senior management
  • Boosting colleagues and teams for achieving the goal
  • Monitoring excellent performance and dedication

Module III— Self-Management Techniques

  • Improving time management, personal effectiveness and delegation
  • Different facets of Self-Management
  • Acquiring Data Mining
  • Overcome barriers through effective fast track people management
  • Learning the perfect model of effective delegation

Module IV—Team Building & Motivation through Coaching

  • Develop and build an excellent team with taskmasters
  • Understand individual efficiency of each team members
  • Segregate each team’s roles and responsibilities
  • Incorporate fresh and feasible ideas for excellent team performance
  • Persuasive communication and effective decision-making for the sake of teams
  • Team Coaching and development on requirement
  • Withstand the oddities responsible for demotivating team spirit
  • Talk to poor performers and strategize quickly to use them accordingly for better team performance

Module V—Quick Problem Solving & Future Development

  • Learning the six-step technique for problem solving and decision making
  • Smartly and quickly handle the difficult situations
  • Recognizing and adapting the unique style of resolving issues
  • Development of teams so as the business
  • Create a solid platform for a great commercial future
  • Assessment & Feedback

Who should attend?

New managers, supervisors, team leaders and new entrepreneurs without any previous training are the ideal candidates to attend this course. They will be helped by improving their leadership and management skills after attending this demanding course.

Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
London 05-03-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 19-03-2019 5 days More Info
London 02-04-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 30-04-2019 5 days More Info
London 28-05-2019 5 days More Info
Madrid 11-06-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 25-06-2019 5 days More Info
London 09-07-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 20-08-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 03-09-2019 5 days More Info
London 17-09-2019 5 days More Info
Stockholm 01-10-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 15-10-2019 5 days More Info
Madrid 29-10-2019 5 days More Info
Istanbul 12-11-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 26-11-2019 5 days More Info

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