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High-Performance Leadership

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Munich 02-04-2019

High-Performance Leadership



The High-Performance Leadership course enhances the ability to navigate within an uncertain and complex business environment. This program is designed deliberately to scale the leadership qualities of the participants throughout their career. The expert coaches minutely judge the strengths and weaknesses of the participants throughout the course and within this short time, they help them improving the weaknesses. Professional coaches craft the relevant modules smartly. The participants so far attended the course have been rewarded for their outstanding high-performance leadership throughout their career.

By completing the course the participants will be able to:

  • Make smart decisions quickly
  • Learn to destroy the barriers to high-performance within the business
  • Build up a high-performance strategy to enhance sales
  • Learn to negotiate and balance tough situations
  • Can handle any crises during delivery
  • Manage any issues within the team singlehandedly
  • Target to go beyond limits by incorporating fresh ideas
  • Work as a team and help boosting others by constant support and motivation
  • Expect rewards and promotions

Course Contents

Module I- Welcome to High-performance Leadership

  • Introduction
  • An overview of high-performance leadership
  • Aptitudes of high-performance leadership environment
  • What drives to high-performance leadership in economical crises situation

Module II- How to be a Good Leader

  • Things to get motivated from
  • Key leadership aptitudes
  • Improve sound knowledge
  • Self-assessing the inner qualities and abilities
  • Understanding the capabilities and responsibilities
  • Making own stand to defend situations
  • Learn to negotiate & improve collaborative skills

Module III- Critical Thinking and Solutions

  • Benefits and pitfalls of a team decision-making
  • Explore the key factors of the team for decision-making
  • Enhance communication with the team
  • Strategizing a crises situation by providing effective solutions

Module IV- Practice and Assessment

  • Know the top leaders (Bio and Professional)
  • Case study
  • Practice
  • Assessment and Feedback

Who should attend?

Senior managers, managers, executives, and team leaders from both corporate and government sectors can attend the program to enhance their high-performance leadership qualities.

Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
Munich 05-03-2019 5 days More Info
Madrid 19-03-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 02-04-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 16-04-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 30-04-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 14-05-2019 5 days More Info
Istanbul 28-05-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 11-06-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 09-07-2019 5 days More Info
London 23-07-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 06-08-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 20-08-2019 5 days More Info
London 03-09-2019 5 days More Info
London 17-09-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 01-10-2019 5 days More Info
London 15-10-2019 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 29-10-2019 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 12-11-2019 5 days More Info
London 26-11-2019 5 days More Info

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