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Innovative Business Management and Building a Creative Team

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Frankfurt 27-06-2019

Innovative Business Management and Building a Creative Team


This intensive course is designed to stretch individuals and equip them with the skills and confidence to manage in a fast moving and complex business environment.

This course offers departmental and functional managers tried and tested models, concepts and tools to confidently address the dilemmas faced in today’s rapidly changing world.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Encourage staff to make themselves more excellent and self-developers in the long term.
  • Empower leaders to build and sustain excellence and creative work teams.
  • Develop a modern understanding of leadership models and styles, and of team dynamics.
  • Define the key elements of strategic management.
  • Understand the issues and dilemmas now facing organisations at a strategic level.
  • Devise or participate in a strategic review of an organisation.
  • Recognise the key issues involved in change management.
  • Define the leader’s role in today’s increasingly complex business environment.

Who should attend?

Suitable for departmental and functional managers who are preparing for, or already in, a senior and strategic management position.  It is assumed that delegates do have some knowledge of strategic management.



Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
Frankfurt 02-05-2019 5 More Info
Istanbul 30-05-2019 5 More Info
Frankfurt 27-06-2019 5 More Info
London 25-07-2019 5 More Info
Madrid 19-09-2019 5 More Info
Stockholm 17-10-2019 5 More Info
Zurich 14-11-2019 5 More Info
Istanbul 12-12-2019 5 More Info
Stockholm 09-01-2020 5 More Info
London 06-02-2020 5 More Info
London 05-03-2020 5 More Info
Madrid 02-04-2020 5 More Info
Dubai 30-04-2020 5 More Info
Istanbul 28-05-2020 5 More Info
Zurich 25-06-2020 5 More Info

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