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Memory Skills

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London 18-03-2019

Memory Skills


In this course, participants will learn how to quickly memorise and recall useful everyday data. The course covers effective memorisation and recall methods including those used by memory champions. Useful exercises are also provided so delegates can practice the skills during the course for more effective learning. 

You don’t have to be blessed with good memory from birth to enjoy one. Anyone can enjoy the many benefits of good memory and recall by using powerful memory techniques. Methods, examples and exercises explained in this course can help delegates to improve their memory many times over.

The course provides immediate results. By the end of the course delegates will learn several techniques that they can put to use immediately. Delegates can use these methods to remember list of names, numbers, people and faces, jargons, vocabulary of foreign languages, information from books and school work.

The course is designed with the needs of everyone in mind. From university students to businessmen, academics and professionals, people from all industries and domains can benefit from this course.

By going through this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Recall a long list of words with ease
  • Pair words together and remember the pairing associations
  • Remember a long sequence of numbers
  • Remember the data for much longer such as weeks or months
  • Remember data by going over it only once
  • Avoid using repetition and rote learning techniques that consume so much time and lead to poor short-term results
  • Use the memory techniques for learning languages, school or university courses, industry jargons, people’s names and so on

The real power behind the memory techniques explored in this course is that they are easy to understand, quick to apply and amazingly lead to near permanent recall even after being used only once. As explained in the course, the memory techniques can be used in conjunction with methods such as spaced repetition to get impeccable results.

The course focuses on teaching delegates how to remember useful everyday data. The aim is to focus on areas that most people struggle with and wish they could do something about.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone. From university students to businessmen, academics and professionals, people from all industries and domains can benefit from this course.

Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
London 18-03-2019 1 More Info
Istanbul 15-04-2019 1 More Info
Frankfurt 13-05-2019 1 More Info
Prague 10-06-2019 1 More Info
Dubai 08-07-2019 1 More Info
Frankfurt 05-08-2019 1 More Info
London 02-09-2019 1 More Info
Frankfurt 30-09-2019 1 More Info
Stockholm 28-10-2019 1 More Info
Madrid 25-11-2019 1 More Info
Stockholm 23-12-2019 1 More Info
Prague 20-01-2020 1 More Info
Dubai 17-02-2020 1 More Info
Madrid 16-03-2020 1 More Info
Munich 13-04-2020 1 More Info

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