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Presentation Skills

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Prague 11-03-2019

Presentation Skills


Presenting is almost a necessity in many job roles today and the ability to present with an impact is critical. A presenter has a message to deliver and wants to get the maximum effect with minimum effort. In addition to highlighting the fundamental principles of successful presenting, this course enables you to use powerful IT tools effectively in designing high-impact presentation slides and teaches you how to deliver a good story that everyone will remember and talk about.

We all want to give interesting, effective and memorable presentations. Your main objective as a presenter is to deliver a message. Your presentation is your pitch. To deliver that pitch perfectly, you need to borrow from a variety of fields; psychology, art & design, IT, politics and of course your own domain which is the subject of the presentation.

To deliver a great presentation you must use all of these domains, which means you must master the following:

  • Prepare your message with an eye to psychology, appeal to emotions to get maximum results
  • Put your ideas together and organise your content. Use latest IT tools and technology
  • Design your presentation and make it appear professional and artistic
  • Deliver and try to match the greatest speeches ever given in history!

This course covers all of the above areas and by using a verity of interactive and practical exercises, prepares you for the ultimate presentation.

This course explores the latest methodologies used in delivering presentations. If you have never done a presentation before, this course will teach you the correct way to approach it. If you are already experienced in presenting, this course will help you to become aware of the best design practices and what to do to avoid many of the common mistakes carried out by presenters.

You will learn how to use minimal slide design for maximum effect. A large number of visual examples of good and bad examples are provided which helps the delegates to quickly understand what works and what doesn’t.

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Prague 11-03-2019 1 More Info
Istanbul 08-04-2019 1 More Info
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