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Psychology in Selling and Sales Counseling

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Istanbul 03-05-2019

Psychology in Selling and Sales Counseling



This course is mainly designed for the high-performing sales persons. Participants attending this program will be abided with the knowledge to scale their soft skills in creating a one-of-a-kind competitive advantage based on the buying psychology. Most purchasing decisions are made on emotions over logic. The high-end modules are equipped with the latest techniques and theories to guide the delegates in learning the fresh new approach to integrating the methodologies in increasing sales. Also, they will learn to execute NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in the best ways to appeal the emotions of the target audiences for contributing in the sales excellence.

By completing the course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the product they are selling
  • Identify the customers
  • Know the demand of the target audience
  • Communicate with the customers and appeal them by applying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).
  • Close major deals by stimulating NLP and other techniques that juice passes emotions
  • Think out-of-the-box to reach the customers and break all barriers of conservative sales theories
  • Easily reach the target and product selling goals
  • Counsel their juniors and help them boost sales by sharing new appealing ideas for customers
  • Improve communication and body language to entice customers
  • Single-handedly deal with crises and discrepancies caused by inhibits
  • Manage emotions while dealing with the sales process
  • Create a smooth path to reach the customers for recurring sales
  • Build an excellent client relationship
  • Get rewarded for outstanding sales outcome

Course Contents

Module I—Introduction to Sales Psychology

  • What is Sales Psychology
  • Fundamentals of Psychology in Selling
  • Benefits of applying Psychology to boost sales
  • How to stimulate customers with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Advantages of applying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Module II—Study on Sales Counseling

  • What is Sales Counseling
  • How sales counseling helps
  • Factors of Sales Counseling
  • Sale Counseling team to increase sales
  • Case Studies of effective sales counseling
  • Video on Sales Counseling and dealing with psychological analysis

Module III—Different Types of Sales Psychology

  • Sales Process
  • Sales Performance
  • Selling Value
  • Sales Presentation
  • What is R.A.D.A.R
  • How R.A.D.A.R motivates to initiate sales

Module IV—Improving Communication

  • Being the taskmaster with improved communication
  • Recognizing customer’s psychology and emotions
  • Persuading the customers emotionally to increase sales
  • The body language matters to persuade customers
  • Learn to transact like a pro
  • Be a people’s person
    • Talk to the juniors and team members before decision-making
    • Convince team members to boost sales with fresh and unique strategy with improved communication styles

Module V—Apply Psychology Selling Tools and Practical

  • Psychology Selling Tools
    • Learn to develop rapport
    • Increase curiosity for the product/service
    • Set realistic sales strategy by understanding the customers’ emotions
    • Talk about difficulties and settle it down
    • Set realistic sales goals
    • Satisfy the prospect’s ego
    • Motivate the prospect to turn client
    • Absorb in rewarding creative performances
    • Self-analysis before persuading in sales project
    • Making action plans
    • Applying the Action Plan for in-hand experience
  • Case studies
  • Group discussion
  • Assessment
  • Feedback

Who should attend?

The course is best suited for sales managers, sales executives, business heads, junior sales representatives and individuals looking forward to boosting their career in sales and marketing.

Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
London 08-03-2019 5 days More Info
Istanbul 22-03-2019 5 days More Info
London 05-04-2019 5 days More Info
London 19-04-2019 5 days More Info
Istanbul 03-05-2019 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 17-05-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 31-05-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 14-06-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 28-06-2019 5 days More Info
Istanbul 12-07-2019 5 days More Info
Istanbul 26-07-2019 5 days More Info
Madrid 09-08-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 23-08-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 06-09-2019 5 days More Info
Stockholm 20-09-2019 5 days More Info
London 04-10-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 18-10-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 01-11-2019 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 15-11-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 29-11-2019 5 days More Info
Stockholm 13-12-2019 5 days More Info
Istanbul 27-12-2019 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 10-01-2020 5 days More Info
Zurich 24-01-2020 5 days More Info
Prague 07-02-2020 5 days More Info
Dubai 21-02-2020 5 days More Info

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