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Questioning Skills

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Stockholm 18-03-2019

Questioning Skills


This course teaches delegates to ask better questions. It provides a range of question types for different purposes along with examples for each type. Examples of conversations with questions are also provided to better show how each type is used in practice. A variety of training exercises are also included which help delegates to learn questioning by working together in powerful, yet entertaining activities. 

During the course of many conversations we end up asking some questions. We ask questions for a variety of reasons; we may want to obtain more information, show that we are following the other person, or sometimes we may want to challenge them. Whatever the need, knowing what to ask and how to ask is a critical skill within communication that if mastered can pay huge dividends.

The best way to learn about different styles of questions is through examples. In this course all questions types are defined followed by examples so delegates can clearly see how they work in practice. Numerous real world conversations are also provided to demonstrate clearly how an exchange containing specific questions would work in practice. Bad questions are also explored which help the delegates to see their effect on a conversation and how these questions  could change the way others look at them after asking such questions. 

Being good at questioning others also indirectly helps you to become better at answering them by understanding the motive behind each question type. This is particularly applicable to manipulative questions which are also covered in this course in addition to good strategies for responding to them.

This course contains a series of optional exercises which you can incorporate in your course. These can easily extend the course to 1.5 days. Some of these exercises contain variations which allow you to customise them based on your delegates’ specific needs and background.

This course is also useful for managers or people new to management roles who usually need to ask lots of questions as part of their daily roles. The session on asking questions from a group is in particular useful for managers addressing a team or asking questions in a meeting.

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