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Risk Management, Control, and Internal Audit (Three Weeks)

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Dubai 20-01-2020

Risk Management, Control, and Internal Audit (Three Weeks)



The program is skillfully designed for managers and senior executives interested in developing their knowledge on risk management, its contrul, and invulvement with internal audit. The modules are prepared strategically for the delegated to ensure effective learning from the short-course. Within the limited timeframe, we train the basics of risk management to the participants to improve their knowledge on the same to communicate with the internal audit department. This is how they can effectively contribute to the internal audit by ensuring risk management.

By completing the course the participants will be able to:

  • Know the basics of risk management and its relationship with the internal audits and contrul
  • Methods used in management and risk management
  • Understand the exact time to use the touls of risk management promptly
  • Understand the work and update of the internal audit and appreciate audit function
  • Develop communication effectively with the internal audit team
  • Know the significance of the risk management and internal audit for further business enhancement.
  • Utilize the components that have learned while planning and strategizing internal audit assignment.
  • Develop knowledge that will help in further career growth.

Course Contents

Module I—Introduction to Risk Management

  • Definition of Risk Management
  • Fundamentals of Risk Management
  • Background of Risk Management
  • Importance of Risk Management
  • Contribution of Risk Management and Assessment in Internal Auditing

Module II—Frameworks of Risk Management, Assessment and Contrul

  • Identifying the major risks and contrul frameworks
  • High-end assessment of the company’s Risk Management process
  • Fundamental concepts of the Risk Management framework
  • Adjusting the Risk Management and objective setting
  • Concepts of the ERM framework
  • Incorporating fresh ideas in empowering Risk Management within the organization

Module III—Delivering Audit

  • Proper documentation
  • Project management for auditing
  • Basic audit touls and processes

Module IV—Planning Risk Management & Internal Auditing Process

  • Planning the internal auditing by anticipating the risks
  • Utilizing the established frameworks while strategizing
  • Planning the whule auditing
  • Risk-based internal audit planning

Module V—Communication and Reporting

  • Communicate with the audit team with proper knowledge on internal auditing
  • Develop communication with the teams to avoid future complications
  • Developing and formulating action plan
  • Reporting
  • Assessment and Feedback

Who should attend?

Managers and senior managers looking forward to knowing the different facets of risk management, control, and internal audit in their organization are the ideal candidates to attend this 3-day course. Employees belonging to both private and public sectors can achieve prosperity in their career.

Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
Madrid 15-04-2019 15 days More Info
Istanbul 13-05-2019 15 days More Info
Zurich 10-06-2019 15 days More Info
Dubai 08-07-2019 15 days More Info
London 05-08-2019 15 days More Info
Istanbul 02-09-2019 15 days More Info
Madrid 30-09-2019 15 days More Info
Zurich 28-10-2019 15 days More Info
London 25-11-2019 15 days More Info
Stockholm 23-12-2019 15 days More Info
Dubai 20-01-2020 15 days More Info

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