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Strategic Leadership and Creative Thinking

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Dubai 20-08-2019

Strategic Leadership and Creative Thinking



The Strategic Leadership and Creative Thinking course aim in developing the decision-making, problem-solving, priority-setting and creative skills of the participants. Our trainers are aided by the optimum resources to motivate the delegates in improving their strategic leadership and nurturing their creative thinking.

Strategic leadership stands for the manager’s capability of crafting a strategic vision for the company or organization or for any project, and at the same time to convince the team or the senior management to accept that idea. The ideas or the visions are utilized strategically for the outstanding outcome of the integrated manpower so as the additional efforts incorporated.

Our trainers help the participants to club their strategic leadership ideas with their creative thinking to bring out some of the finest unorthodox solutions. We have designed the 5-day program deliberately so that our participants can connect with the theoretical as well as the practical syllabus they will undergo. Over the years, we have successfully shared our finest tools through the modules we have designed for the participants.

Creativity, as we believe is the lifeblood of any business or organization. Attending this program has helped many corporate and government officials to enhance the parameters of their creativity while making the strategies as successful leaders in their respected positions.

By completing the course the participants will be able to:

  • Develop a clear concept of strategic leadership and creative thinking
  • Confidently execute their decisions by applying creative process and strategic management
  • Follow the sequential and structured approach to strategic and creative problem-solving
  • Think out-of-the-box and come out with fresh strategic leadership ideas for the teams
  • Apply the practical tools absorbed with latest ideas to break the monotony of decision-making
  • Encourage innovation and creativity among team members and boost them to scale their skills
  • Develop the skill of making quick, unexpected, creative, credible, and above all effective strategic messages for the projects and overall business growth and commercial success.

Course Contents

Module I- Course Overview

  • i. Introduction to the Participants
    • Overview of strategic thinking
    • Vision and mission of the strategies
    • Managing and balancing the external environment
    • Learn to build intra-organizational atmosphere
  • ii. Welcome to the course of Strategic Leadership with the help of Creative Thinking
    • Identifying the required skilled area
    • Learning methods of improving creative skills in building strategies
    • Practice and Feedback
    • Develop awareness of the effects of decisions on others
    • Estimate change within the time-frame
    • Recognize and rewards of strategic & creative skill enhancement

Module II- Definition of Strategic Leadership and Creative Thinking

  • i. In-depth study of latest ideas of strategic management
    • What is Strategic Leadership?
    • Definition of Solid Strategic Thinking
  • ii. 4 Characteristics of Solid Strategic Thinking
    • Strategic Thinking goes beyond any limits Unwrap new ideas from multiple sources Balancing between the old and new ideas The value of brainstorming and unorthodox strategies
  • iii. Application of new ideas through creative thinking
  • iv. Practice and Feedback

Module III-Advantages of Creativity & Innovation in Organizational Growth

  • i. Start thinking from where others stop
  • ii. Incorporate personal ideas and concept
  • iii. Go-beyond-limits of the old school concepts
  • iv. Usher fresh suggestions to the team
  • v. Boost juniors and work as a team to form a creative workspace

Module IV-How to Apply Strategic Thinking

  • i. Collect new questions and find the answers
  • ii. Predict the future of the organization
  • iii. Quick market study via social media or websites
  • iv. Compare brands to build a winning strategy
  • v. Incorporate the leftover ideas and recycle
  • vi. Learn to use the old ideas by modifying smartly
  • vii. Deal with the knowledge gaps
  • viii. Help the business to be more creative and innovative
  • ix. Learn to take quick decisions during crises
  • x. Be passionate and creative

Module V-Evaluation of the Program

  • i. Assess your development
  • ii. Practice workbooks and assignments
  • iii. Feedback

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for senior managers, executives, supervisors, team leaders, and the aspiring managers who want to scale the strategic as well as creative thinking abilities for the betterment of the business or the organization they are serving. Professionals from both corporate and governmental organizations can attend the program to boost their creative as well as strategic leadership skills.

Available Dates

Venue Date Duration  
Istanbul 05-03-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 19-03-2019 5 days More Info
London 02-04-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 16-04-2019 5 days More Info
London 30-04-2019 5 days More Info
London 14-05-2019 5 days More Info
London 28-05-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 11-06-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 25-06-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 09-07-2019 5 days More Info
Madrid 06-08-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 20-08-2019 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 03-09-2019 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 17-09-2019 5 days More Info
Dubai 01-10-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 15-10-2019 5 days More Info
Prague 29-10-2019 5 days More Info
Munich 12-11-2019 5 days More Info
Zurich 26-11-2019 5 days More Info
Stockholm 10-12-2019 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 24-12-2019 5 days More Info
Madrid 07-01-2020 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 21-01-2020 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 04-02-2020 5 days More Info
Istanbul 18-02-2020 5 days More Info
Dubai 03-03-2020 5 days More Info
Frankfurt 17-03-2020 5 days More Info
Zurich 31-03-2020 5 days More Info
Zurich 14-04-2020 5 days More Info
Dubai 28-04-2020 5 days More Info
Istanbul 12-05-2020 5 days More Info
Stockholm 26-05-2020 5 days More Info

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