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Supply Chain Management - Transportation

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London 20-07-2019

Supply Chain Management - Transportation



The advanced course provides an understanding of Transport techniques and management. The course will include freight transportations across road, rail, water borne, air born and intermodal means. There will be a highlight on the increasing use of intermodal transportation along with the growth in information technology. The course also discusses route planning and distribution optimization with a segment on important software used to achieve the above stated objectives. The course will discuss an overview of the environmental impact of transportation and ways and means for sustainable distribution.

By completing the course, the delegates will be able to:

  • Have an overview of the different means of transportation employed
  • Have an understanding of the different volumes of goods transported through the various means available
  • Have an understand the transportation techniques required to produce cost effective routes and be able to apply these techniques in various situations
  • Have a knowledge of the information technology systems available to assist companies decide on the optimum location(s) of their distribution centres and produce optimum vehicle delivery
  • Understand the impact of the various transport modes on today’s environment and discuss sustainable distribution options


Traffic volumes by geographies

  • To understand the volumes of goods transported different countries
  • Cost of transportation by transportation means, volume and country
  • To critically understand the cost benefits and legal limitations of transporting different goods across borders
  • An essential understanding in route planning and distribution optimization

Transportation techniques (railway, road, sea, air, intermodal)

  • Various means of transportation available to a Supply Chain Manager for moving the goods across to the global customer
  • It is critical analysis and understand the means of transportation – how it works for different types of goods
  • The type of container it requires for different types of products.
  • The rules and regulations regarding safety of hazardous materials for the varying means of transportation
  • Importance of intermodal freight transportation and the efficiency and cost benefits it provides the performance measures used in the transportation industry.

Selection of transport techniques for different distribution problems

  • To know different goods, different countries and varying customer base demands and different distribution patterns
  • Case studies of the most common types of product distribution along with the techniques a Supply Chain Manager should apply to solve the problems Out-of-the-box thinking to solving complex transportation issues across geographies
  • How we combine the first two parts of the course together in selection of transport techniques to provide the knowledge required for making critical decisions for the organisations and the customer

Route planning and distribution optimization

  • Route Planning and Route selection for seamless delivery to the customer for Cost efficiency and ease of transportation in the shortest possible time
  • Return and timely collection of defective goods
  • forward and reverse logistics.
  • The benefits of outsourcing for optimisation

Information technology in the transport sector

  • For creation of Routes
  • Managing costs and track goods during transportation real time
  • Overall view and assesment of various softwares in the market – all pross and cons to support a diligent Supply Chain Manager
  • An overview to facilitate the trainee to decide the systems most suitable for their specific requirements.

Environmental impact and sustainable distribution

  • Relevant Laws across geographies
  • To understand the changing global dynamics and the laws and regulations surrounding it
  • Critical analysis of the legal environment for a cost effective and efficient delivery system in the long run


Who should attend?

The training course is designed for senior managers and executives responsible for management of transportation and requires an understanding of transportation techniques and management operation.


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