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Components design and simulation Components design and simulation CFD simulations are used in order to simulate fluid flows, predict material properties, combine material properties... More Information
Geometry Optimization Geometry Optimization Geometry Optimization calculations are one of the initial and most basic steps in computational chemistry. During GO... More Information
Model Building Model Building The initial step in every chemical simulation is the model building of all components of the system. These... More Information
Molecular Dynamics Simulations Services Molecular Dynamics Simulations Molecular Dynamics simulations are one of the most popular approaches for the investigation and prediction of... More Information
Novel Material/ Application Design and Discovery Novel Material/ Application Design and Discovery Designing and inventing new materials is a continuous desire of the scientific community. Novel... More Information
Chemical Process Simulation Chemical Process Simulation Process simulation is the field that deals with the development, design, control, retrofit, operation and optimization of... More Information
Reaction Kinetics Investigations Reaction Kinetics Investigations Reaction kinetics constitutes one of the most important fields in chemistry and chemical engineering. Reaction rates and... More Information
Simulations and Theoretical Chemistry Simulations and Theoretical Chemistry Simulations are the single most powerful tool for any scientist today. Taking advantage of... More Information
Solvent Screening – Identification of Optimum Solvents Solvent Screening – Identification of Optimum Solvents One of the most promising fields for theoretical predictions is the field of... More Information

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